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Kyung Jeon

The little black haired girls that are presented in groups in Kyung Jeon’s drawings are sweet only at first glance. They also show ferocity, disruption and sadness, finding themselves in dangerous and obscure situations. The delicate ornamental drawings of the American-born (1975) artist with Korean roots fluctuate between fairy tales and Manga comic, cuteness and abysm. In these drawings, one can see the hybrid aesthetic expression of an artist who grew up in New Jersey as the child of Korean immigrants but was influenced by Korean culture at home and through visits to see relatives in Seoul. The loud colors, ornamental patterns and fine lines on rice paper create a narrative wake of a story that fall into place in the viewer’s head.

The works are presented by gallerist Miki Wick Kinn within the frame of a gallery program that focuses on South Korean contemporary art. Beyond the sometimes-striking works that fall into the category of what is trendy, one is able to make real discoveries in this Zurich Gallery which is run by a profound connoisseur of the Korean art scene. The Korean art scene has rapidly grown with the democratization of South Korea in the late 1980s and the introduction of the economical boom.

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