Facebook 5 day ART CHALLENGE
January 29, 2015
I have really been enjoying looking at everyone's artwork from the facebook 5 day art challenge. It's more

Updo Hairstyles using Selfie Photos, Vogue Korea, Korean dramas & Diane Von Furstenberg
December 16, 2013
I am fascinated with the literal manifestation of body politics, where hair is both canvas and context. I have explored this before: adapting braided pigtails from traditional Korean folk paintings, and using hair and body parts to exaggerate different more

Young Art Collectors in NYC and Brooklyn
December 16, 2013
As an artist, it is sometimes very hard to let go of an artwork that you love. For me, either the face came out just more

"Jeon tells stories on water lilies"
The Korea Times by Mee-yoo Kwon

Public Art Sept 2012

Joonang Ilbo

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New Museum NYC 1993 and Frieze Art Fair NYC
Fri May 31, 2013 by Kyung Jeon | 0 Comments
I went with some friends to the New Museum exhibition NYC 1993. Where was I in 1993? I was graduating high school in New Jersey then, and making my way to Boston for undergrad. Although I was making artsy posters for homework assignments, drawing cartoons and illustrations for the my high school newspaper called the Fanscotian, and taking art classes on the side with my brother, it wasn't until my sophomore year in college that I declared my Studio Art major. I never knew there was such a thing as following a career in the arts. In my Korean centric world, I was going to be either a doctor, lawyer or do 'something' in business. I graduated Boston College, and packed my stuff and moved to NY, well, okay Jersey City because I couldn't afford NYC yet. So it was interesting to see the artwork that was being made that year in 1993, and then literally the next day to see the Frieze Art Fair exactly 20 years later.

At the exhibition at the New Museum NYC 1993 (reviewed by Jerry Saltz, one of my favorites is the disturbing Duane Hanson sculpture.
Standing behind the sculpture to give some idea of the scale:

Duane Hanson at New Museum NYC 1993

Then it was like Paul Mccarthy was ALL OVER the place. At the New Museum exhibition, and the huge inflatable dog balloon outside the FRIEZE NY Art Fair (I heard it was causing traffic on the FDR drive). It wasn't until a week after I went to the Frieze that I read that the big balloon that I thought was a Jeff Koons was actually a pretty tame Paul Mccarthy. 

Paul Mccarthy at Frieze NY Art Fair

I walked through the always amaing Do Ho Suh piece with amazing details:

Do Ho Suh at Frieze Art Fair NY

Simon Evans at Frieze Art Fair NY

Here's an image of a detail from Simon Evans work.

Right now it's really hard for artists to make a living just making art. Jerry Saltz writes about the Death of the Gallery Show, and yet the support for younger artists is just not there (for the majority).

In an interview between Rona Pondick and Phong Bui in the Brooklyn Rail I read something that keeps me hopeful:

Phong Bui: ....It’s always better to show when you know yourself, especially when you see your work as a lifetime evolution, in spite of this country’s obsession with youth culture. I’ve seen talented young artists get consumed, then spit back out after their brief popularity, and they often find this the biggest failure that they can’t overcome.
Rona Pondick: I couldn’t agree more. I think that artists, like wine, mature with age. I’m 60 and I still feel young as an artist. I’m not interested in making work that’s branded, that’s going to repeat itself because of pressure from a gallery or public demand.
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